Our Leadership

Elected Leadership:

Lay Leader: Lacy Kelly

Treasurer: Monica Swink

Financial Secretary: Chris Hake

Membership Secretary: Carl Friend

Lay Members of Annual Conference: Eric Brown & Janie Sanderson

Lay Servant (Lay Speaker): Eric Brown & Lacy Kelly


Church Council:

Class of 2020: Monica Swink (finance), Eric Brown (chair), Matt Maxwell, Laura Halley

Class of 2021: Alan Logan (trustees), Susan Humphrey (SPRC), Don Skinner-Noble, Anna-Faye Rose

Class of 2022: Lacy Kelly (Lay Leader), Reese Todd, Craig Jackson, Perry Kliewer

Pastor: Scott Spencer


Nominating Committee:

Scott Spencer

Lacy Kelly

Class of 2020: Monica Swink, Elaine Gragg

Class of 2021: Gwenda Sharp, Connie Ziese