Missions & Outreach



Ice Angels began during a string of 100+ degree days in Oklahoma.

Ice Angels were started by Lenny and Mary Kaplan. We try to give a hand up to the homeless. Our focus is primarily the hardcore homeless who chose not to go into shelters. During the hot summer, we saw how the homeless were suffering in the relentless heat. We started by distributing ice water to the homeless. While distributing ice water, we observed people dumpster diving for food. We had frequent requests for food. We started delivering sack lunches 3 days a week. We then received requests for clothes, hoodies, and coats especially during the cold weather. We have become the "Walmart" to the homeless. We daily carry a trunk full of jeans, tee shirts, shorts, shoes, under wear, socks, tooth paste, tooth brushes, dog and cat food.

We have provided transportation to doctor appointments and assisted in getting state identification, birth certificates, and social security cards. Dealing with this paper work can be very intimidating as many are unable to read or write. Transportation to get from the multiple offices is difficult for the homeless.

We also do free HIV and Hepatitis C screening. Results are available and reported to a person in 20 minutes.

We are a ministry of Mosaic United Methodist Church. Donations to Ice Angels through Mosaic are tax deductible. We are funded strictly by donations. We do not have any paid staff. We are supported by the generosity of churches, friends, family and any one else who has a heart to help the less fortunate.


United Women in Faith (formerly UMW)

Projects: A monthly recognition of outstanding volunteers, sanitary supplies for SISU and the Homeless Alliance, Angel Thanks Project for health care workers and Christmas Cheer Project.  Donations: Circle of Care, Clinton Indian Center, Cookson Hills, Ice Angels, Infant Crisis Services, Mosaic Border Ministry, Neighborhood Services Organization, New Day Camp, Skyline Urban Ministries, TEEM, UMCOR (Sager Brown), Wesley Foundation (UCO and Langston), World Thank Offering. Pledges to: Crossroads District and Oklahoma Conference UWF. Mosaic United Methodist Church - OKC - United Women in Faith (mosaicokc.org)



This pantry is funded strictly by donations of both congregations.  We help to provide supplemental food for those who are in need. 



Each Saturday, our congregations cook and deliver meals to senior adults in our area.



We host two different Alcoholics Anonymous groups each week.  These groups provide incredibly important support to those who seek to maintain their sobriety and heal their relationships with others and within themselves. 



The Whiz Kids program believes every child deserves a shot at success, especially the most underserved. For 20 years, they have been working with at-risk kids in inner Oklahoma City to improve reading skills and comprehension and to foster mentoring relationships with caring adults.

For many years, people from Mosaic have volunteered with Whiz Kids. In 2016, we became a partner church by providing volunteers at the Linwood United Methodist Church Whiz Kids site every Tuesday.  During the COVID restrictions, we continued this via online platforms. 



Located near NW 17th and McKinley, this community garden ministry has been a longtime part of what it is now the Mosaic congregation.  Persons may ask for and tend a plot to raise their own vegetables and herbs. 



This is a new ministry, started by Mosaic.  These shawls are taken to those who are ill, especially those who are terminal.  They are visible acknowledgements that the person and family are lifted up in the prayers of others. 



We believe that we are to take care of the earth which God has provided for us.  So we use environmentally friendly utensils, plates and bowls.  Additionally, we compost regularly, and provide a bin so that persons can compost easily through a nonprofit organization called Fertile Ground.



Sisu provides overnight shelter, clothing, hot meals, and case management to Oklahoma City's youth experiencing homelessness, ages 15-24. We are proud to be a low barrier, LGBTQ+ affirming, safe space for our city's most vulnerable populations.

Our mission is to ensure that young people experiencing adversity have a safe place to sleep, the security to dream, and the support to make a positive impact on the world.  Both Mayfair Heights and Mosaic members regularly serve meals to Sisu. 





Additionally, we support various ministries of the Oklahoma Conference of The United Methodist Church.  Support for these ministries is “apportioned” out using a formula to local congregations.  Some of these are administrative in nature, but most provide direct contact with particular situations and persons.  Support for these particular ministries is voluntary to local congregations, but both Mosaic and Mayfair Heights consider them important enough to pay at least 100% of our shares for these ministries.

Shared Conference Ministries.  These are the various ministries which provide assistance and resources to congregations and entities of The Oklahoma Annual Conference of The United Methodist Church. 

Camps and Conferences.  These are primarily for youth and children, but some are also provided for particular communities of adults. 

New Faith Communities.  Oklahoma United Methodist congregations contribute to this fund to help start new churches in rapidly growing areas.

Hispanic Ministries.  Since a large part of our state’s population is Hispanic, we help to provide ministries which serve this important segment of our state.

Office of Mission.  This office provides support and care for Volunteers In Mission teams in our state and beyond. 

Board of Ordained Ministry.  This board works with candidates for ministry.

Communications.  This board provides communication resources for the Oklahoma Annual Conference of The United Methodist Church. 

Conference Ministry Support.  This helps to provide for administrative resources for our churches and the Conference Ministry Center.

Ministerial Education Fund.  This fund helps to provide scholarships for those who seek to enter ministry.

Black College Fund.  We support a number of church related colleges across the entire United Methodist connection.

Africa University.  Founded by the United Methodist Church, congregations help to support this very successful university in Mutare Zimbabwe.

Interdenominational Cooperation Fund.  This fund helps with programs which are sponsored by multiple denominations and faith communities. 

Lydia Patterson Institute.  This institute in El Paso, Texas, provides excellent education for children and youth on both sides of the border.

Campus Ministry.  United Methodists value campus ministry and work through “Wesley Foundations” on many college campuses in Oklahoma.

Circle of Care.  Circle of Care is a faith-based agency providing foster care and prevention services throughout the state of Oklahoma. We are committed to keeping families together through intervention, prevention, and restoration utilizing our programs: Foster Care, Pearl’s Hope, Preparation for Adult Living, and Counseling Services. 

Cookson Hills Center.  Located in Cookson, Oklahoma, this ministry provides employment and care for residents of the area. 

Criminal Justice and Mercy Ministry.  Working through Redemption Church, Exodus House, and other ministries, this ministry provides support for those who are being released from prison and their families.  IT also helps to provide worship and spiritual development for those who are now in prison.

Neighborhood Services Organization.  Neighborhood Services Organization (NSO) is a 100-year-old nonprofit serving the at-risk and homeless of the Oklahoma City community. Our programs provide housing solutions and teach skills to transform lives.

Office of Mission Programming.  Through such programs as Mission and Service Ministry Team, Disaster Response, and partnerships with other agencies, this office helps to coordinate efforts during times of great need.

Oklahoma City University.  Our Methodist university in Oklahoma City, this institution has provided excellent leadership in areas of religion, science, music, business, and law.

Oklahoma Indian Missionary Conference.  Primarily made up of Native American congregations, it is supported by this jurisdiction of the United Methodist connection.  Mosaic and Mayfair Heights partner with the North OKC Native American Fellowship, and provide meeting space, as well as  programs which benefit the native population.

Project Transformation.  This ministry provides reading opportunities for children during the summer. 

Restore Hope.  Located in Tulsa, this ministry provides financial support and programs for low income and otherwise needy folks in their times of transition and need. 

Skyline Urban Ministry.  See above.